Property condition reports that remove the bias and include essentials you may not have thought of can be a pain to navigate and run diligently. Tune into our session to learn the essentials of: 

  • Move In/Move Out Reports
  • Periodic Condition Reports
  • Acquisition Reports 

Learn why you need them and how you can offload them to the team at OnSightPros

Marc Cunningham dives into a handful of the 25 proven income streams for your PM business included in his online course.

Head to to access the course and get 25% off the course using the code: "latchel" at checkout. Discount is valid until the end of October 2020. 

A few of the topics in the podcast are... 

  • How to create and run a profitable maintenance oversight process & why it's better than doing in-house maintenance.
  • How to increase your management fee with existing owners and have them be happy about it. 
  • How to profit from creating a Resident Benefit Package. 


Tune in for our conversation with Second Nature CEO Thad Tarkington. We go over how Second Nature's subscription based air filter delivery service works for PMs and how it can help increase revenue per unit.

We also talk through the rise in popularity of resident benefit packages and the best way to implement them. You can visit to get in touch with Second Nature's team. 

Have you ever wanted to make your property management systems and experience as "easy as Amazon"?

Our co-founder/COO Will Gordon, and Operations Director, Jennifer Pascon, both worked at Amazon prior to Latchel. They've pulled a lot of the operational concepts from Amazon into the maintenance sector of Property Management.

We wanted to share exactly how they've done that and how you can do it too in your own business. 

Download the workbook here. 

** This episode was originally published as a live webinar - Head to our YouTube channel to view the video version with the slide decks included. 

We sat down with PointCentral CEO, Sean Miller, to discuss the latest in smart home tech, how to get your owners on board with the investment, and what property managers need to know about the future of smart home tech. 

Point Central provides smart home solutions that enable vacation rental and residential property managers to remotely control energy and access to ALL their properties from their desktop or mobile device to help PMs: 

  • Increase Operational Efficiency: eliminate the hassle and time spent on key management by eliminating physical keys and being able to control access remotely.
  • Attract Residents: Provide residents with pre-installed and ready-to-go smart home technology, allowing them to control their homes with one single app.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: Reduce costs associated with key management and prevent costly maintenance projects through increased property awareness and real-time alerts.

Navigating the vendor marketplace can get a bit overwhelming sometimes. So we'll be sitting down with Property Management coach Kathleen Richards to dive into the details of finding your preferred maintenance vendors and how that can be a game changer for your business. 

Tune in to get rich industry insight from a professional who is:  

  • A former Broker/Owner of a two-time award winning Property Management Company
  • A National Instructor for NARPM 
  • A nationally recognized speaker, instructor, author, and thought leader on business, organizational/leadership development, and culture specifically in the PM field.

And, of course the owner of PM Made Easy :) Head to her website to get a free downloadable vendor agreement template! 

Note: Apologies for any brief audio hiccups in this episode. This podcast was recorded in the height of the fires in Northern CA when cell towers were weak enough to effect the quality of the recording. But, Kathleen's energy makes up for it :) 

When it comes to sharpening your competitive edge in a large market, there's no better man to discuss this with than Bob Preston, President of North County Property Group in San Diego.   

  • North County Property Group has been named a Top Property Management company in San Diego by the San Diego Business Journal for the past 5 years in a row.
  • Their average Google rating is 4.8/5 stars which is incredible in this industry. 
  • And Bob also runs his own podcast called Property Management Brainstorm

So if you like what you hear from Bob today, check out his podcast as well. 

RentCheck is designed for contactless inspections. It fully supports social distancing best practices by having residents conduct property inspections with simple, self-guided inspections that anyone can do from their smartphone. This helps property managers get ongoing visibility into unit conditions all from the comfort of home, and can help streamline the entire process by:

  • Handling all of the reminders to ensure move-in, move-out, annual, periodic, and turn inspections get done on time. 
  • Creating visually appealing and standardized reports on your units. 
  • Providing easy access to inspection reports to your owners to amplify trust. 

Tune in to dive into the details of how RentCheck can help you run remote inspections. 

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We live in a world where technology has connected everything, but Property Management is a “People” business so social distancing has made it challenging. 

With face-to-face communication being restricted, we need to leverage email, phone, text, and web chat even more than ever. These can create silos if technology doesn't connect them. 

In this session with Rent Manager, we'll go over how Property Managers can utilize software to connect communication channels and close the communication gap with residents and teams. 

In this week's episode, we're talking about how property managers are increasing their profits with strategies that also free up time. 

Increased profits and increased free time do not typically go hand in hand, but by using strategies that some of the top property management companies have been using for years, it can, and should be done.

In this episode, we go over how some of these strategies are being implemented with Latchel's 24/7 Home Assistant. With this program you can:

  • Increase your monthly profit by $440 for every 100 units  
  • Decrease your time spent on maintenance by 80%

We'll walk through exactly how you can make maintenance a profit stream and never take a maintenance call again, giving you the time and capital to truly grow and scale your business this year.

Learn more at 

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