December 21, 2020

Ep 35: How PMs Can Reach 25% Profitability & Beyond in 2021

We sat down with Founder/CEO of PM Profit Coach, Daniel Craig to dive into the details of profitability.

Daniel has worked with clients to increase their profitability into, or well beyond 25% profitability. For reference, the industry average is 6% profitability. 

The session outlines: 

  1. Why profit margins are typically so low, and how to rise above the average.
  2. 6 "Do or Die" metrics to be measuring in your business. 
  3. Where to find and how to work with the NARPM accounting standards.

Daniel is also giving away a FREE forecasting tool to make 2021 your most profitable year in business. Details are at the end of the session. 

To view the video version of this session with visual slides, click here

Want more on profitability? Download our white paper detailing actionable items to implement in your 2021 strategy here

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